Systemic Approach.

In this process, a single firm is involved with the project in all its stages: design, construction, and implementation. This position allows you to have access to all the variables of the process and make decisions that minimize the time and cost of the project as well as maximize the quality of the project. The systematic approach of the process consists of arriving at the optimal solution of the problems analyzing all its factors and components.

Contribution To Design.

The Constructive Process Administrator contributes with his experience as a builder in the design of the project such as removing walls in a home. There is no optimal design if costs, availability of personnel, materials, and subcontracts are not considered, as well as the revision of the proposed construction systems.

Project Management.

The company responsible for the design is chosen for its design skills, the contractor is selected for its ability to build. With the Construction Management process, the owner has a project manager working for him from the beginning of the process to its delivery and implementation.