It is the constructive process that has traditionally been used in Costa Rica. It involves three parties: the Owner, the Design Team, and the General Contractor.  Our company acts as General Contractor in this type of scheme.

The General Contract Has The Following Characteristics:

  • The construction team is headed by a single firm, that of the General Contractor. The owner has a separate contract, so he does not make direct agreements with the specialized sub-contractors, such as, for example, electrical systems or mechanical systems, and instead, these sub-contractors make direct contracts and alliances with the Contractor. General.
  • The general contractor is contracted mainly for having the best economic conditions in the bidding process.
  • It is a process characterized by construction guarantees and results. The General Contractor is committed to carrying out the project at a specific cost and time.
  • It is a well tested and documented the active process.

Construction Administration

It is the constructive process by which the Owner hires a firm to be in charge of managing the construction process.

Elimination Of The Adversary Relationship.

In a linear process, the Designer performs the construction plans of the project, and a General Contractor is chosen through a bidding or quotation process. When a divergence arises between the designer and the contractor, each defends his work; the designer plans and the contractor the amount budgeted. The relationship between both is adverse from the beginning of the process. Within the Administration process, teamwork is sought and emphasized, so the objective is to have each party working with and not against the other.

Design – Construction

It is the construction process by which the Owner hires a firm to be responsible for the design and construction of your project. Our organization offers this service associating with recognized companies, nationally and internationally, for its capacity for the realization of plans, always having under our responsibility for the quality, cost, and term of the project.