The Construction Administration Has The Following Characteristics:

Systemic Approach.

In this process, a single firm is involved with the project in all its stages: design, construction, and implementation. This position allows you to have access to all the variables of the process and make decisions that minimize the time and cost of the project as well as maximize the quality of the project. The systematic approach of the process consists of arriving at the optimal solution of the problems analyzing all its factors and components.

Contribution To Design.

The Constructive Process Administrator contributes with his experience as a builder in the design of the project such as removing walls in a home. There is no optimal design if costs, availability of personnel, materials, and subcontracts are not considered, as well as the revision of the proposed construction systems.

Project Management.

The company responsible for the design is chosen for its design skills, the contractor is selected for its ability to build. With the Construction Management process, the owner has a project manager working for him from the beginning of the process to its delivery and implementation.

This Form Of Contracting Has The Following Advantages For The Owner:

The company and the owner can develop a clear understanding of the needs, expectations, and scope of the project, and integrate the communication and coordination of it.

The Design-Construction avoids the different interpretations of costs, created in the bidding process, when different contractors compete for a price, thus achieving the greatest benefit/cost of the project.

Due to the immediate incorporation of the builders, the Design / Construction allows an accurate determination of the costs of the project, allowing the owner economic decisions in the short term.

  • Responsibility. The company contracted to carry out the Design-Construction, as the sole responsible, works with the owner and his team in the design and construction of the project, allowing him to focus on its development. 
  • Cost / Benefit. Satisfy the client’s needs, providing a positive benefit/cost ratio, which is the main objective of each construction project. The careful identification of each requirement by a team that involves the client, the designers, and the builders, from the beginning of the designs to the end of the construction, guarantee a project that reflects the decisions of the owner.
  • Commitment to the budget. The Design-Construction synchronizes the designs with the construction to achieve the goals with a given budget. Realizing Value Engineering, the team shares ideas regarding construction materials and construction methods to achieve an optimal project.

Early Knowledge Of Costs

Reduction Of Delivery. It is evident that going from the design-tender-construction scheme to the Design-Construction scheme saves all the time of the intermediate stage, but also the integration of the equipment allows more rapid processing of the construction permits since this stage starts in parallel with The designs. The construction plans, their budgeting and the start of construction can overlap, achieving a lower total project time.

General Contractor

It is the constructive process that has traditionally been used in Costa Rica. It involves three parties: the Owner, the Design Team, and the General Contractor.  Our company acts as General Contractor in this type of scheme.

The General Contract Has The Following Characteristics:

  • The construction team is headed by a single firm, that of the General Contractor. The owner has a separate contract, so he does not make direct agreements with the specialized sub-contractors, such as, for example, electrical systems or mechanical systems, and instead, these sub-contractors make direct contracts and alliances with the Contractor. General.
  • The general contractor is contracted mainly for having the best economic conditions in the bidding process.
  • It is a process characterized by construction guarantees and results. The General Contractor is committed to carrying out the project at a specific cost and time.
  • It is a well tested and documented the active process.

Construction Administration

It is the constructive process by which the Owner hires a firm to be in charge of managing the construction process.

Elimination Of The Adversary Relationship.

In a linear process, the Designer performs the construction plans of the project, and a General Contractor is chosen through a bidding or quotation process. When a divergence arises between the designer and the contractor, each defends his work; the designer plans and the contractor the amount budgeted. The relationship between both is adverse from the beginning of the process. Within the Administration process, teamwork is sought and emphasized, so the objective is to have each party working with and not against the other.

Design – Construction

It is the construction process by which the Owner hires a firm to be responsible for the design and construction of your project. Our organization offers this service associating with recognized companies, nationally and internationally, for its capacity for the realization of plans, always having under our responsibility for the quality, cost, and term of the project.